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101 Ways to Get Quality Back Links to Your Blog - Back Links GuideWhen ever we talk about SEO, we divide it into on site and off site SEO. Off site SEO mainly contains back links and social signals. Specially, to boost your ranking in SERP’s you need to get quality links from other authority sites. We all know the importance of search engine traffic and that getting high quality back links to your blog is one of the best ways to improve your blogs rankings and get better search engine traffic and results, this post will be listing 101 ways by which you can get quality back links to your blog.

Though before we move ahead, here are things that you need to keep in mind. In 2012, Google launched Penguin update, which is targeted to get rid of sites using spammy or paid ways to build links. Also, many ways which I mentioned in the article are not so good ways to get quality back links, so I will strikethrough such ways and you can ignore them.

Also, when you are building back links, you need to keep quality of links and anchor text variation in your mind. Also, instead of creating lots of back links to your homepage only, start working on building links to internal pages. You can start working on resource pages like “WordPress guide” and build links to them. This way, you can also target Single or double word Keywords easily.

Some of the link building methods, which you should ignore:

Before, I start with my 101 list, here are some of the link building methods that you should ignore:

  • Avoid site wide link from footer (WordPress themes or plugins)
  • Avoid buying exact anchor text link (Keep a proportion of 40%-20%–20%-10%-10% for anchor text variation)
  • Avoid buying bulk links from sites like Fiverr
  • Don’t opt for link networks (Build my rank was one of such private link network, which got penalized)
  • Avoid BlogRoll links
  • Article directory links are not that effective anymore

So, these are something which you should keep in mind when starting with quality back link building campaign. Out of all the existing method, guest posting is the best way to get quality link and more over, it will help you to drive traffic to your web page. [click to continue…]


how to be an seo for free - s guideI thought I’d one up a post and show you how to be an SEO for free! Tools and Skills you can learn to do things for free. As there has been a bunch more tools released, I thought I’d upgrade it for people interested in running an SEO Business/Company but maybe don’t have the funding/capital to invest in tool suites like Moz and Raven Tools.

So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the Tools we’ll be using.

Open Link Profiler -

Something that the SEO Community was lacking for a long time, was a free link checker server. Thankfully, we now have Open Link Profiler which allows you to search any site’s profile and it’ll display the Top 2,000 freshest s indexed by the service.

OLP also has a ton of options for you to check, such as the anchor text, pages and link age. It is THE best free link checking tool, and offers a ton of features. The freshness factor also means for any content marketers you can easily check if your campaigns are working via looking at the most recent links.

OLP also allows you to download upto 100,000 s by creating an account with them. 100,000 s for free is amazing! It just means you have to sort them out in Excel, which we’ll be getting onto next. [click to continue…]


High PR back links, and for free?

Sounds amazing. Especially when they’re easy enough to take only 10 minutes!

Easy back links are not always a good solution. They look even more suspicious if they’re free. But your Back Links Guide is not here in vain, you know! :)

High PR back links are like votes for your website. Search engines look at them as kind of approval for your site from other sites that already have good repute in the internet world. SEO is not not democratic, you know. Links from bad sites are no way equal to back links from high PR or domain authority websites. Search engine optimization, in these days, is not about getting a lot of links from every site you visit. It rather has to do with the quality of those sites that link to you.

High PR back links help you improve your site’s credibility in search engines which in turn makes it more trustworthy in the eyes of your visitors, users and clients.

We’re brought you a bunch of free high PR back links that will be enough to shoot your rankings to first page in search engines if you are targeting a low competition keyword/niche. But even if your niche is highly competitive, these high authority back links will still do a good deal to improve your search rankings.

So, here are your easy back links from high PageRank websites… Of course for free! :)

Free High PR Back Links from Authority Sites:

Pinterest  – PR 9:

Pinterest is the bouquet of the internet. It is basically a site where people pin the images they like. And every time an image is pinned on Pinterest, the site hosting that image gets a back link.

But we promised you easy back links, huh? Here we go:


  • Sign up> Confirm> Sign in.
  • Go to Settings>> Add website>> Verify.
  • You got another PR9 back link for your blog.


WordPress.Org – PR 9:

You know WordPress, huh? That state-of-the-art open source CMS which powers millions of blogs and websites on the internet.

The software has an official website. And you can get a PR 9 back link from there for free. Here’s how:


  • Sign up> Confirm> Sign in.
  • And bingo! Here’s just another free, easy back link for you!

[click to continue…]


So you’re looking for the best free automatic generator, huh?

Let me promise that you’ll get at least 2500 free s automatically built to your website if you just follow my technique.

There are many link building tools that automatically generate s for your websites or blogs by submitting them to thousands of websites. These websites are usually those which evaluate the prices of other websites, acquire and record their whois data, estimate traffic and visitors, inform you about the technologies a website is using, evaluate SEO worth of a website, monitor site loading speed, uptime, etc, etc.

These s are usually a mixture of dofollow and nofollow. But the good thing is that they are all free, all pointing to your website or blog in the blink of an eye. Secondly, if you have time to have a look at these s, they tell you interesting things about your site, e.g., its current monetary value, number of s, SEO value, etc.

As I just told you there are many free automatic generator tools available online. But the one I have selected for you today is certainly the best.

Best Free Automatic Backlink Generator Tool:


Yup. You’re right!

It’s IMTalk’s IMT Website Submitter.

The best thing about IMT automatic free generator is that its database is continually updated and the expired or outdated services are kicked out and new, fresh providers are included every now and then. Secondly, they ping the s for you so that search engines may know that you got a new link pointing to your website.

The third reason you must really like about them is that this valuable builder tool is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay anything to get all the great links pointing to your money site. Many of these s are dofollow and from authority sites. I even saw an EDU in their list. Is that enough to prove the worth of this great free automatic generator?

One more thing…

The IMTalk Backlink Builder also provides you a field to put your keywords for the URL you want to get s for. It is not always useful, I mean for all the sites where your s will be created, but it does create some useful keyword target s. What is more important in this feature is that your keyword input tells the internet what your website is all about. The beginning of your great brand, you know!

So, why be late?

Visit IMT Website Submitter right now to generate more than 2500 automatic s to your site immediately!

Do not forget to share your opinion about this free automatic generator tool. The comments section is just for you…

Happy auto ing!